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bringing home lots of new, great ideas,
from the 2015 NACPO Annual Conference

NACPO (National Association of Casino Party Operators) is a trade association, of Casino Night Party Planners, from across the country, that strive to increase the professionalism of their members, and improve the realism ("just like being at a real Casino") of the events that they create, through classes and various activities presented at their Annual Conference.

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Award Winner
Best Collaboration with a NACPO Member
Best Collaboration with a NACPO Member

During the Holiday season, quite often we are faced with the "problem" and that is, there is more demand for our services than what we have available staffing or equipment to fulfill. One of the best answers for these sorts of situations, is to work with a fellow NACPO member, to complete the project. This is a "win-win-win", for all parties concerned, since the client's event takes place in a professional manner, a fellow NACPO member is able to fill their calendar, and you have maintained continuity with your client.

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Guest Speaker
$10,000 Putting Challenge
This year Bernie Stevens was asked to speak on his new program, the $10,000 Putting Challenge, which he recently released to this Corporate and Charity / Non Profit clients. There's nothing quite like cold hard cash to spark the interest and add excitement to any event! So the $10,000 Putting Challenge is just the thing to liven things up and get any group's attention. With a tournament style format where contestants initially quality with a 10' putt, then move on to a 25' and then finally attempt a 60' putt, for a cool $10,000 in cash. Guest Speaker

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Bringing home lots of new, great ideas

Roulette Table Score Display Sign Strolling, Champagne Serving, Vegas Showgirls
As you walk by the Roulette Table in any "real" Casino, you'll always see those big, lit up, display signs that shows all of the winning numbers for the last 20 plays. We'll now be able to do the same for you and your guests, with our new Roulette Table Score Display Sign. I'm not a Roulette player, but many feel that seeing what the winning numbers have been for the past several plays, gives them an advantage to their betting on the next winning number. We know the buzz that having live, Vegas Showgirls at any event will create. With their stunning, sparkling show costumes, this makes for great photo opportunities as they stroll amongst your guests! And now, we've also adding Strolling, Champagne Serving, Vegas Showgirls to our collection. What a great way to start any event or toast a special announcement!

Roulette Table Score Display Sign

Strolling, Champagne Serving, Vegas Showgirls

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