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Darts - "Balloon Burst"

(Deluxe Game)

Darts - Balloon Burst
Place the Game Board on a level table.
Determine foul line based upon players age.
Place "target" balloons around the Game Board.
The player is given three (3) darts to throws to break as many balloons as they can.
Typical Prize Award  
1,2 or 3 out of 3 Winner Prize
0 out of 3
Consolation Prize
Advanced Game  
3 out of 3 Major Prize
1 or 2 out of 3 Minor Prize
0 out of 3 Consolation Prize
WARNING: The darts are very sharp! Use extreme care when playing this game! Operators must always be on the look out for stray darts!*
Game is supplied with darts and an ample supply of balloons. Additional balloons are available at an additional cost.
* Due to the nature of this game, we will not take any responsibility nor assume any liability for any injuries that might occur with the play of this game!
Client will need to supply a table for this game.
fundraisers Warren Mi   fundraisers Warren Mi
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