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Hockey Game - "He Shoots... He Scores" - Radar Version

(Ball Toss)

Hockey Game - He Shoots... He Scores - Radar Version - Michigan / Ohio
Erect the Game Tarp on level ground. (In case of windy conditions, you may have to weigh down the legs.)
Determine foul line based upon players age.
Played the same as in "He Shoots... He Scores"
The player throws three (3) balls (or hits three [3] "street hockey pucks") in an effort to get as many balls into the target.
Balls that miss the Game Tarp are not allowed to be re-thrown.
Typical Prize Award  
1, 2, or 3 out of 3 Winner Prize
0 out of 3
Consolation Prize
Advanced Game  
3 out of 3 Major Prize
1 or 2 out of 3 Minor Prize
0 out of 3 Consolation Prize
The player hits two (2) "street hockey pucks" in an effort to determine their "average hitting speed". (Or play this the same as Radar Speed Pitch "Batter Up... Play Ball!)
The player hits their third "street hockey pucks", and this puck's speed must be within "+ / - 5 miles per hours" of their average.
The third pucks must hit the Game Tarp.
Typical Prize Award  
with +/- 5 miles per hour Winner Prize
all else Consolation Prize
Advanced Game  
with +/- 2 or 3 miles per hour Major Prize
with +/- 5 miles per hour Minor Prize
all else Consolation Prize
Client will need to supply a table for this game.
fundraisers Warren Mi   fundraisers Warren Mi
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